More adventures

Despite exploring our home city for a few years now, this was a new addition to our repertoire. We had all known of this drain since we first began going in them. But for various reasons, had never put the effort in to explore it. This has in fact been true for many drains in our city. Full of interesting features and photographic opportunities, they lie in wait for us.

Having set out in earnest to complete a 24 hour drain-a-thon, this was the fifth we'd visited that day, all of the previous ones having also been 'new additions. We'd always considered ourselves such hardcore explorers and yet we found ourselves asking why we hadn't been here before. Almost each new drain gave us something worth the effort! Part of me felt embarrassed that I had let years slip by without having explored everything I knew of in my own backyard.

I found this section most intriguing in that it felt almost like a living room. Doorways, window frames, hallways. All it needed was a lamp and a TV cabinet.

The rest of the drain-a-thon turned out to be a total success. Not a single drain we visited that day was old news. Despite hauling my camera gear, torches and tripod everywhere, I only shot here. This does mean, however, that I have a backlog of shooting to get started on.