sleepycity is a website that sets some serious benchmarks. Now, I'll admit I have a personal bias here - sleepycity was what motivated me to get out of my chair and start crawling through drains. It also gave rise to me spending all of my money on a camera (and then another, more expensive one, a year later). The author of this site, dsankt, has journeyed the world doing his thing in drains, on cranes, in tunnels, underground systems (pictured) and more. He has shot in hundreds of locations, he has thousands of beautiful photographs on display and some of his work is incredible.

longexposure documents several years of night photography by a daring adventurer who calls himself Sven. He clearly knows what he's doing with a camera and his photos are rich and full of texture. When I grow up, I would like to be one of Sven's photos.