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Underground... on the ground... above the ground.

They're all places I keenly explore, each bringing their own sets of qualities. And each with their own feel. Read more

I haven't photographed this place in years. It was one of the first places I took a camera and one of the few from which the photos didn't turn out so bad back then. This may have led to me getting complacent in going back as I 'already had my photos from there.' Read more
Most drains will have their own unique characteristics and features that make them attractive to explorers. If a drain has no features, it will usually subside away from any fame or glory and be rarely visited. Read more
The ultimate of all locations. At least that's what it looks like. Whilst the visuals are spectacular, the experience is not always ideal. Read more
Glamorous sophistication masks a vulgar and malevolent creature. Living larger than life will kill you eventually. Read more
Our location today brings with it an illustrious history spanning back well over a century. In its infancy, finely attired gentlemen and their ladies would frequent it for business meetings, dinners, drinks and often for a luxuriously-appointed room to stay for the night whilst in town. Many of these visitors were wealthy pastoralists on travels to the city. Read more
Photonerding is hard work. Over the past few years I have figured things out slowly. Shot by shot. I remain stuck, though, on what to do with drain lighting. Successfully turning a pitch black tube into a good 2D image is not something I've improved greatly in since I began shooting. Read more
The allure of going in underground places typically attracts a strange bunch of people. By no means do I mean a bad bunch of people; I refer to a colourful, vibrant and talented bunch. Read more
It has been three years today since my first ever foray into the world of urban exploration. That day marked the beginning of a very special chapter of my life and I feel a few words to share that experience, and the resulting chapter, are due. Read more
Deep in the innards of this facility lay a curious and picturesque scene. Run on a skeleton staff and scheduled for redevelopment, only essential maintenance is performed. A few blown lightbulbs or damaged handrails here and there are of little concern. Read more