Q: Who are you?

A: Read the About page. This'll give you the low-down.

Q: What equipment you use, son?

A: Cameras, lenses, tripods, torches. I dunno, stuff.

Q: Where is all this stuff?

A: All around you.

Q: Could you please tell me...?

A: No. Sorry.

Q: Isn't it illegal?

A: I never said that I took any of these photos myself. That would just be plain stupid and irresponsible.

Q: Your photography sucks.

A: Well, first off: you're an idiot, because that's not an actual question. And this is a questions page. Secondly, good for you. Seriously though, this is not a competition. I'm having fun, learning things as I go. Put your criticism to good use and give me some tips and tricks, suggestions etc. Come along to give me a tutorial if you're that good.

Q: Are you stupid?

A: Well no, not really. I'm inquisitive and choose to explore as a way of relaxation. Do you have a pastime that you think is better? Please let me know via the Contact page - I'll be sure to discard your message and spam your email address.

Q: Are you a graffer?

A: No. I can't quite put my finger on it, but something about defacing public property makes me cringe. What the fuck do you get out of it? Idiot... If you have a spray can, I don't wanna know you. Yes, it makes interesting photography but I don't like the idea of ruining perfectly good and authentic century-old surfaces (or any surface for that matter). On the other hand, if it was legalised, I'd probably love your work; there are some amazing-looking trains out there (or have been, until they were cleaned up quickly). The only question remains: would you love it if it was legalised?

Q: I like your stuff, can I use it commercially? Can I buy it? Can I get better quality images?

A: I'm an amateur. Feel free to save the images on this site for your own personal use (they are usually 728 by 485 pixels). If you want better quality images for non-commercial use, tell me. If you want images for commercial use, tell me. Should you want a photographer, let me put you in touch with one of my esteemed colleagues. Furthermore, read the terms of use page for further information.

Q: I like your site. Can you make me one? What did you use to build yours?

A: I. hate. making. websites. The answer is no. I didn't use a website builder, just started writing plain text html and css. I'm not talented in this department and this website took too much of my effort when I could have been doing something more productive. Like sitting down. Or watching re-runs of Pinky and the Brain.

Q: Could you add my website to your links page?

A: It really depends. Probably.