More adventures

The history of architecture is not my forté. I have a layman's appreciation for it. But I do notice it and I like to learn bits and pieces here and there. Today, a group of us travelled through suburbia to finally explore this fascinating abandoned college and its ugly architecture. Read more
One of the very attractive aspects of this hobby is the sundry social activities and new people. People travel the world to see new countries, new drains, new abandonments and such. Hard to believe, but true. It's not all Eiffel Tower and Big Ben for everyone, you know. Read more
It has been way too long since my last road trip. Life has caught up with me and I find myself caught in the city always. So when the call comes in rounding up the troops for a long-distance adventure, I find myself jumping at the opportunity. Read more
I like taking photos of the underground. I also like taking photos of pretty girls. I suppose I've known all along it would end up inevitable that I would take pictures of pretty girls under ground. It's all cause-and-effect. Read more
Dark eerie places are my favourite sort of places. A heightened sense of apprehension about the surroundings is something I realise I now crave more each day. An addiction, of sorts. Read more
It felt like it had been years since I last visited Aquacave. And it had been too long since my last MAN NIGHT! with Spoz. So the logical way to fill these two voids was to drink beer and eat Indian with Spoz in Aquacave. It also, coincidentally, happened to be Aquacave's 101st birthday. Read more
Most explorers are city types. It is, after all, the allure of a city's secrets that draws us in to this recreational activity. Read more
It's part of the human condition, for most, to desire something. We desire well-paid or comfortable jobs. We desire the caress of a loved one or the warmth of a family. We desire more play time or more material possessions. Read more
In American colleges, it's known as 'vadding': the exploration of steam tunnels used to heat buildings that are hidden behind walls and in basements. But I'm not in an American college. I'm in one of the world's best-known opera theatres. Don't ya just love a bit of culture? Read more
A lot of unhappy cows lived (died) here. Cutting up animals for research is an important part of the food chain. Yay for food technology! Read more
Ah, shopping malls... epic shitholes and destroyers of local business and economy. Read more
The air was crisp and fresh and the ride was free. In the best of company, we watched the night go by and fully appreciated how good life was. Read more
I'm the sorta guy that sticks to promises. If I tell you I'm gonna give you a Part Two, you're gonna get a Part Two. And so, ladies and gentlemen, welcome back... to Scrotal Annihilation! Read more
Good ideas. We're full of 'em. And so it was, ladies and gentlemen, that I attended my first 'Bring Your Pet' expo. Pets, it seems, go in drains as well. Read more
I've been roadtripping about the place lately and exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life forms and new civilizations, boldly going where no man has gone before. Read more
Solo exploring. This is a new town for me, my new home. Far away from camaraderie of close friends that I'm used to. I'm already missing the social side of exploring. Hundreds of miles from the nearest city, I am now a lone wolf. And I will be for many months. Read more