More adventures

Trains are okay. Read more
This was built by native Americans in the 17th century. It's original use was as a rocket ship in order to get out of what had become a pretty shitty country at the time. Read more
Aquaba, Spoz, Grasshopper and I wanted to get to the highest point of this local area and lose our 'heights virginity'. We had done 3 other sites before this, it was nearly 3 o'clock in the morning and bloody cold. We'd make it short and sweet. Read more
For a week I had been driving past this location, monitoring activity of security. I was desperate to get back inside these surreal rooms. Read more
This is a giant inedible polenta cake. Read more
Ring ring...
    "Wanna come to city?"
    "Umm yeh sure, do what?"
    "Just see what we find I guess." Read more
Light paint, that is. Read more
At last! A hand to hold and someone to guide me through the inner workings of my new cameratoy. I smell a chance to get serious with settings. Read more
The morning birds were beginning their sweet songs on the brisk night air. We were all weary, those of us that remained out this late. Aches and pains had already claimed a few of us earlier in the night and so our solemn little group had slowly wound down to a paltry few. "Just one last thing before we head off home," yawned Aquaba, "I want to show you Shinybox. I found it the other day." We reluctantly agreed to view his latest discovery. Read more