More adventures

It's not often you come across a drain this expansive. This maze goes in so many directions and takes on so many guises that of the five hours I trekked through it, I am told I only covered about half of what it had to offer.

I'll return one day to this location, but only with a local. I'd surely get lost otherwise.

Thousands of people have ventured through sections of this drain over time. It's used as an introductory 'initiation' drain for first-timers, accompanied by draining veterans acting as their hosts for the evening. I recall once being told that on one of these initiations, over 120 newcomers were in attendance!
For now, though, there's just the five of us enjoying each other's company. Some of us haven't seen each other in years and the drain provides a good setting for a catch up. We decide to relax in a comfortable chamber after a tiring walk. Without a doubt, the best feature one could ever want in a drain was found here: popping a manhole into an alley right at the bottle shop. After exiting the manhole, we were approached by two underage teens wanting us to buy alcohol for them. Nice neighbourhood.