More adventures

Photonerding is hard work. Over the past few years I have figured things out slowly. Shot by shot. I remain stuck, though, on what to do with drain lighting. Successfully turning a pitch black tube into a good 2D image is not something I've improved greatly in since I began shooting.

With this in mind, I dedicated a few weeks to focussing my efforts on this shortfall. Although I had fun during that time, I can't say I was overly happy with the resulting images.

Except the nekked one. Nekked ones are always good.

Typically, we use torches to light photographs underground. They give good control to you in deciding how you want to light your shot. They also come in lots of colours, temperatures, brightnesses and so on. Putting them together nicely, however, is something I'm still working on.

Although not dappled with during this period of alleged self-improvement, I think a lot could be gained from using candles, glowlights, fire and other lighting sources. Maybe stay tuned for that.