More adventures

A lot of unhappy cows lived (died) here. Cutting up animals for research is an important part of the food chain. Yay for food technology!
Places like this are eerie. You know what went on here. You're not sure quite how you feel about it. Beef taste good. Cutting up animal for petri dish bad. But beef taste good...

So many corridors and refrigerated rooms. It all felt so sterile. So cold. The end of your nose cowers as you convince yourself that you can smell fresh blood still running across the floor and into the drainage holes scattered across the place.

I took the photos I needed hastily. Being there alone was distinctly uncomfortable. Doors has opened since my previous visit a week earlier. Some had closed. Things had moved. Strange noises somewhere in the middle distance teased my adrenal glands.

Slipping under a fence and righting myself roadside, I breathed in the fresh untainted air. I wasn't hungry anymore.