More adventures

In American colleges, it's known as 'vadding': the exploration of steam tunnels that are hidden behind walls and in basements. But I'm not in an American college. I'm in one of the world's best-known opera theatres. Don't ya just love a bit of culture?

Built in the 1800s, this location was redeveloped and outfitted at some point only last century with a 'modern' heating system.

I had read a lot about the history of this building and was determined to find out what it had to offer. I took backstage tours and sauntered about the foyer before shows started. After weeks of sussing it out, I found my way in.

All I needed to do was wait until the gent's bathrooms were empty, slide an access panel aside that was located inside a cubicle and above a toilet cistern and start crawling. The gap was very small but only for a couple of metres. After that, this place was mine to roam free.

I decided to visit this prestigious and beautiful place again when I had more reason to be there. I wanted to watch an opera (for free). Sure, Bizet is somewhat passé these days. But it's free, so... what have I got to lose?

Just beyond the brick walkway pictured below was a set of concrete stairs that took me up to a face-sized grille where I perched myself for all of Les Pȇcheurs de Perles' three acts, able to watch the performance from an unorthodox but refreshing angle.

This was one of the more enchanting adventures I've been on.