More adventures

Good ideas. We're full of 'em. And so it was, ladies and gentlemen, that I attended my first 'Bring Your Pet' expo. Pets, it seems, go in drains as well.
Ferrets are one of the stranger animals I've come across in my time. They tend to smell bad, too. Something they have in common with their drain-going owners.
'Bring Your Pet' expos are probably a good way of keeping things interesting. Let's face it, you've been in this drain tens or hundreds of times... things are gonna get a little bit dry if you don't shake it up a bit.
Messages, pieces of art, and even just graff tags are commonplace on drain walls and many other places we visit. I'm not necessarily a fan of much of it but some things really make me chuckle. I have a lot of appreciation for the work of this anonymous poet.
The greatest idea that day was cramming everyone into the car to go for a quick spin down the several kilometres of drain.