More adventures

The history of architecture is not my forté. I have a layman's appreciation for it. But I do notice it and I like to learn bits and pieces here and there. Today, a group of us travelled through suburbia to finally explore this fascinating abandoned college and its ugly architecture.

In typical fashion for this city, and in fact this country, these buildings' designs were outdated from the day they began construction in 1973. A quick brush up shows that Brutalist, the style used for construction of this college, had a fairly quick death in the mid 1970s. Might be because people woke up to how hideous it was. Makes for good photos though, so I'm not complaining.

This college has a fascinating history spanning more than a hundred years. To be able to go back in time and observe first-hand a section of that history, to still be able to touch it, breathe it, is really fascinating. The campus has been abandoned now for 12 years since its relocation and I haven't really been able to garner much information as to why this place hasn't been turned into a shopping mall or an apartment complex. Who knows how long this little slice of yesteryear will remain.

Walking through the halls and classrooms was a gargantuan task.

Lastly, and most interestingly, we found a theatrette to hold movie nights.
Oh, and a hanging trolley with which we can play piñata.
This place was enormous and in the three or so hours we spent there, I feel as though I had nowhere near enough time to take all of it in. Another visit or two in the near future will undoubtedly alleviate this concern.