More adventures

Dressed as sewer rats, we marched off to the glitz and glam of one of the city's most exclusive residential suburbs. Among million dollar apartments and beautiful street sculptures, we jumped off the riverwalk and landed in the mud. I love this city.

Two gaping black holes in the wall lining the river entice us. The innards of the city are baring all just for us; we're being summoned into the deepest gizzards of an enormous organism.

We're just normal people.

We love torches and stuff.
We love standing around making natural poses.
Exiting was fun. In the middle of an adjacent ritzy suburb, I lifted a gutter grate, hauled myself from the ground and asked others to pass their stuff to me. They were too slow. A good citizen was out on his evening walk less than 10 metres away and rapidly advancing on our strange behaviour. He did not falter. Eyes dead ahead, he attempted to walk past us without batting an eyelid at five hooded youths emerging from drains. Why do people fail to see anything else in this world? I did my good deed for the day and decided to help this poor lad widen his horizons. I made monster noises and flailed my arms wildly. Nil response.