More adventures

Are you serious? Fire truck on a stick? Oh fate, why do you make me do such terrible, terrible things? I know there's a psychiatrist out there who can tell me why I'm attracted to conquering tall objects...
It is quite clear that opportunities such as these are irresistible.

One evening, I found myself with an hour to kill before seeing a friend nearby. It had been months since I had first spotted this red shiny object of desire and so I had no excuse not to defeat it.

Standing at the base of this steel tower of joy, I removed my camera from its bag and slung it across a shoulder, shaking in fear. I removed all loose objects and donned climbing gloves.

It's surprising how far away each piece of steel is from the other as you ascend the structure. What looks easy to begin with soon turns into a scenario involving bending, twisting, slipping and all other sorts of sexy bodily manipulations you would see in movies like Entrapment.
A beautiful sense of clarity can be achieved on three storey-high fire trucks. I watched vehicles and cyclists whizz past me in their droves, each perhaps casting a sideways glimpse at this bizarre and stranded empty shell. None saw me sitting there, not as far as I know anyway.