More adventures

Every now and then, we learn something or discover something that changes our perspective in a big way. I love this feeling. It's akin to a light being turned on and suddenly being able to see again.

I had checked out this drain a couple of times. It's a nice one, kept clean by a continuous stream of chlorinated water.

I always keep in mind that drains have history. But it is not often so evident. Unlike previous visits, I took the walk a lot slower and soaked everything in. Accompanied by an interstate travelling explorer, we talked and shared stories of faraway lands. After half a kilometre or so, we came across a stretch of ceiling that changed my perspective in a big way.

Stuck to the concrete everywhere were newspapers of the time that the drain had been covered over. They were used as part of the construction process, lining the mold when pouring concrete over reinforcement bars.

But it really hit when we spotted this...
...This place suddenly became a little bit more sacred to me.

Before we left for another location, I photographed some drain monsters for you.