More adventures

Most drains will have their own unique characteristics and features that make them attractive to explorers. If a drain has no features, it will usually subside away from any fame or glory and be rarely visited.

This can be advantageous if that particular system has not been fully explored as many hidden treats will go undiscovered.

I stumbled upon this drain over two years ago near my home at the time. Having observed creeks, parks and terrain patterns I knew there had to be something around here somewhere...

When I eventually found an entrance through a grille in a park lawn, I found a guestbook written on the drain wall stating it had been found by a long-retired explorer about five or six years prior. Yet no-one knew about this drain. Time to find out more! I asked around the retired explorers only to be told, "yeh it's shit... I think I remember it".

Returning weeks later with my camera, many beers and a non-explorer friend, we explored the remainder of the system finding many treats (photos of that at a later date as I was lazy at the time). Previously unnamed, I baptised the drain Audacious Tomb - an in-joke at the time. Unfortunately, after showing others around the location it became known as Air Services Drain (another in-joke at the time). Before long everything in this bloody city is going to be named Air Services something or other.

Air Services... It's not even how you spell it...