More adventures

One of the very attractive aspects of this hobby is the sundry social activities and new people. People travel the world to see new countries, new drains, new abandonments and such. Hard to believe, but true. It's not all Eiffel Tower and Big Ben for everyone, you know.

I had already made the ten hour drive to this exciting new city earlier in the week in anticipation of her much-revered annual awards event, complete with fireworks!

Needless to say, hundreds flock for this night and I met some wonderful people, some from across oceans. In our spare time over the course of a week (which turned out to be a lot of spare time) droves of us would get on trains and go to cool places. On this particular evening, I was accompanied by Little Mike and Orchidius - two great overseas guys whose company will always be a pleasure.

This drain of choice this evening, overall, was fairly good. It lacked the jaw-dropping beauty of centuries-old red brick but what it lacked in historical interest it made up for in some cool other features.

Very cool features. This was the first time I had come across a drain like this before.
Oh, and bats. Unfortunately, this shot does nothing to capture the experience.