More adventures

It felt like it had been years since I last visited Aquacave. And it had been too long since my last MAN NIGHT! with Spoz. So the logical way to fill these two voids was to drink beer and eat Indian with Spoz in Aquacave. It also, coincidentally, happened to be Aquacave's 101st birthday.

Happy birthday, Aquacave. We salute you.

To celebrate this most momentuous occasion, Spoz and I took ego-driven and dramatic-appearing self shots using this drain's beautiful section of rock blast walls.
Aquacave has long been renowned for it's varied sections of old concrete, coffin-shape red brick arch, bare rock and more. A recent addition to this drain, courtesy of above-ground construction taking place, was this big concrete chamber. Big chambers in drains are good because they hold lots of people in them. When you can fit lots of people in a drain, you can hold successful underground events. Like dinner parties. Or awards nights. The image shows the chamber as it stands right now. Soon enough it will have a concrete roof and be buried beneath ground.
It's an interesting transformation. This section of Aquacave was basically a long and straight stretch of coffin-shaped arch lined with nice old stone. The new chamber has been constructed halfway along the section, cutting the drain into two.
The temporary stairs used in the construction of the chamber brought Spoz upstairs where he played with this object of desire. Observing a grown man nearly wetting himself with excitement over a new toy is always entertaining. After a few failed attempts, he finally created fire. An immensely satisfying WHOOSH and an enormous yellow glow lit up the site. With an unconcealed and unashamed grin, he looked at me and suggested, "Okay, we should probably get out of here."
Good idea, Spoz. So long Aquacave, 'til next time.