More adventures

I've been roadtripping about the place lately and exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life forms and new civilizations, boldly going where no man has gone before.

I lie. I've been shown about the place by locals. On this particular day, I played chauffeur to two fantastic and wonderful international explorers who had come to our country just to see the underground sights. This is a solid global community.

None of us really had any idea where we were going. Taking directions from some handwritten notes one of them had been given by a local who couldn't make it on the day, I drove for an hour or so out of the largest city in the country. Of course, "an hour out" means you're still inside the city.

We entered the drain through a stream and walked with the bats for a few hours, water up to our knees.

I will see these two again. They were good blokes. It's time to start saving for overseas trips... did I mention you can buy my images?