More adventures

The Finns would have enjoyed this place more than I did.

Health benefits, optional nudity in segregated rooms (depending on where you're from, of course), jumping into icy lakes... I don't think we did this properly.

Funnily enough, I had encountered this location from a 'civilian's perspective' four times a day for an entire year and had not once given thought to the wonders that might lie within. Funny what not thinking outside the box does to your sense of adventure. Obviously, it was a tad embarrassing 'fessing that piece of information up to other explorers. A whole freakin' year...

Spoz and I decided to enter this secret structure. It was hot. It was steamy. It was uncomfortable. But no, there was no gratuitous male nudity or throwing of water onto hot coals.

This thing is deceptive. For the typical passer-by, it's a certain size; for the person entering it, it quadruples in size. It's sorta like Doctor Who's Tardis. Except better, and without police written all over it.

Once you enter, the opportunities present.

My camera was so excited, it mutated into a spider. Umm... with three legs...
And just when you think it's all over, BAM! a wormhole to another world.
I still can't wrap my head around how all this space fits inside this location. Another secret room (accessible by aforementioned wormhole) sits underneath the original secret room. Do we dare enter? Well, obviously... what could be less dangerous than a wormhole? Well, actually, let's wait for a second; I have to go pee! And so I ran back to the entry and edged my way back into the open, eyes wide open searching for a place to relieve myself. Refuge was found on a nearby traffic camera. Anyway, back to it...
I love doing this. Exploring is part of what I do. Part of what makes me who I am. I love the solitude, the space to reflect, the space to breathe. All we really needed to make it complete was a beer each. Perhaps a bit more fresh air as well.
Special thanks to Spoz for the following two images of me escaping the clutches of the wormhole.
I hate leaving places like this.