More adventures

Throw together ordinary household items one would find in the pantry, cook (stirring regularly) et voila! You have smoke you can take and release anywhere you like for visual/theatrical/photographical effect.

Spoz, Hijynx and Lairbear entered the drain and I went for a drive. My mission: document the adventure. Their mission: don't die in a drain whilst trying to set up the awesome photographs for me to take from outside the drain.

When drain meets giant chimney/smoke stack, lots of fun can be had. I still don't know to this day why a drain has a smoke stack coming out of it. Must have been some drunk designer or architect or something.

I have done this same adventure before, but I was the one in the drain whilst Spoz was the one doing the documenting from outside. It's loud and bright and superfun. As the smoke rises it sucks air from the drain below it and creates its own mini low pressure system which gives rise to an awesome display whereby the air reaches it's saturation point and the entire drain becomes a loud rushing torrent of mist getting sucked up the chimney behind the smoke. It only lasts for a few seconds but it's cool. I haven't asked the others if the same thing happened to them yet, mind you. I wonder if the conditions have to be just right...

From the outside, I photographed and videoed about 4 seconds of smoke from the top of a chimney in the middle of a carpark. Bit of an anticlimax. I also forgot that the video was recording so you get to see me giggling to myself as I pick up the tripod and walk off. A special thanks to Hijynx for her weird ability in video editing and being able to add the incognito face. Enjoy!

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