More adventures

This is a giant inedible polenta cake.
Similar ones are littered across the country, usually in the middle of nowhere. What's that? You know where/what it is? Smarty pants... Well could you do me a favour? Could you tell me if they're dangerous up close? Am I now sterile?

There's something special about this place. An incredible view, fresh air, man meets nature etc. etc. It's just all very 'nice'. I've driven past this thing on a lonely country lane a couple of times and always thought it looked so majestic up there on the hill, all exposed.

Anyway, the happy snaps are a bit soft - light was causing my amateur eye some hassle. Upon leaving, I saw something that confirmed my belief held all along that this probably wasn't a good idea.
Before leaving, I did light writing (yes I know, how childish) which I've included because I like the unintentional effect of the car's headlamp in the background whizzing by on above-mentioned country lane. Hmm... that gives me an idea.