More adventures

Ring ring...
    "Wanna come to city?"
    "Umm yeh sure, do what?"
    "Just see what we find I guess."

Well, I didn't guess we would find something like this. Silly me. We'd been walking around for a while not finding a whole lot. But what we found here was basically a whole lot of nothing seven storeys deep.

Infiltration urges in abundance we made our way into the site to investigate further. This was something that had to be seen (and photographed) from the bottom. And so, we began our descent.

The whole size and feel of the place changed completely on the bare basement floor. This place was enormous. Yet in the low light from above, it looked relatively mediocre. To get some perspective, look at the crane in the following two pictures shot from different locations. It's a long way down, boy!
After mucking about with exposures and various settings for 20 minutes we noticed a strange structure in the middle of the below-sea-level site. Lo and behold someone had built two very neat cairns in the middle of the city! Aquaba poses with them.
I have no idea who was behind them, perhaps a worker on the site. Perhaps a fellow explorer. Our evening was cut short when we noticed a set of eyes following us from a neighbouring residential high-rise balcony. Never wanting to tempt fate, we called it a night and made our departure.