More adventures

Aquaba, Spoz, Grasshopper and I wanted to get to the highest point of this local area and lose our 'heights virginity'. We had done 3 other sites before this, it was nearly 3 o'clock in the morning and bloody cold. We'd make it short and sweet.

Assessing our subject, we decided to take the fire stairs of this building to the top floor.

We managed to get some average shots from the top.

On the way down however, things took a turn for the worse.

Aquaba jumped out of his skin upon hearing the violent wail of the siren. Oh no, motion alarms? In this place? Nope, this was an undercover police Camry 10 storeys below. We all thought our game was up as adrenaline blurred our senses and clouded our judgement.

Alas, we were being silly. It was a Saturday night in the party district of a major capital city, there could be any reason for police sirens (which we heard continuously all night anyway).

In this case, a vehicle search for drugs was about to begin on the streets below.

We couldn't move because the slightest sound echoed throughout the whole building and would give away our location to the unsuspecting PC Plods below. Making the situation worse, bright construction lights sat right behind us which lit up the building with our silhouettes. So, we sat there, completely still and silent, and waited. For nearly an hour we waited, subjected to the yells of a drug dealer, his continually ringing phone, some within-tolerance (amusing) police brutality and a 20 knot cold wind.

Special thanks to Spoz for the banner image. Pictures sometimes do tell a thousand words.